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My name is Emma Hall and I have been working with healing therapies for over 10 years.

I have worked overseas in the tourism industry, been a countryside ranger and worked with deprived communities to develop and grow therapy and community gardens. The natural environment and gardening have always been passions of mine.


I qualified as a Reflexologist in 2001 with the British School of Reflexology and following that trained in Allergy Elimination Therapy, Spiritual Response Therapy and house healing with the SRA and FdSc Horticulture and Garden Design at The University of Northampton. 


I have always had a keen interest in healing modalities and have attitude that there is always a solution. When I incorporated dowsing into my healing work I discovered it was incredibly accurate and beneficial for healing people and places and now specialise in causative dowsing. A few of life’s challenges along the way have clarified my desire to help others heal and I have been achieiving this over several years. As a result of this desire and success, Life Flower was born.

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