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One to one Pendulum Dowsing coaching

I have many years experience of dowsing and have found it to be a very useful tool. I am delighted to now offer personalised coaching in pendulum dowsing. Sessions can be via skype/zoom or in person and all students will recieve printed instructions and further reading suggestions to support their learning. I can work with beginners through to more experienced dowsers and will cover topics such as:

Preparing yourself to dowse neutrally

Using dowsing for simple yes/no answers

How to form questions to get the clearest answers

Directional dowsing

Using simple and detailed charts

Using a pendulum and dowsing for healing

Healing homes/spaces/ geopathic stress

Changing energy - clearing blocks and interference, dealing with emf

Healing past traumas/emotions

and much more......

£33 per session


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