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House healing - £45


Other space/land healing - on request



Space Healing - Geopathic Stress and Energy healing


We live on a planet that is full of natural and man-made energies and within and surrounding all things is an energy that transmits its vibration throughout the universe. Every person, plant, rock sends out energy just as if it were a radio transmitter. If too much time is spent in a place that holds negative energies poor health can result. 

I have been healing properties and spaces for many years and it was through having my own home healed that I realised the real benefits of this type of healing.

What I do in a healing session:

Through dowsing I check for all types of energy blocks and then ask for clearing through my connection to my high self / universal energies. I do this work remotely. At the end of my research and clearing I will send you a full report of my findings.

The clearing will include : 

1. Energy blockage clearing - negative energies and negative motivations. 

2. Geopathic stress - underground energies affecting home and residents, portals, vortices, toxic streams and much more.

3. Geopsychic stress and subtle energies.

4. Electromagnetic stress

5. I will also give you advice and information on techniques you can use in order to keep the energies in your properties at a beneficial level.

6. I can also do the above clearing work for humans and animals. A Spiritual Response Therapy session includes all of the above as standard and a great deal more in depth healing.

(see specific webpage)

In both Germany and Austria it is law to have your house checked for geopathic stress when applying for planning permission.


Energy blockages


Energy can be imprinted in homes and buildings. These can be positive or negative. Love and happiness in a home will imprint positive energy whilst sadness and anger will be negative. Sometimes we can walk into a building and just “know” it feels good or oppressive. This is us sensing those energies.


Geopathic Stress


Geopathic stress is the name for distorted vibrational energy coming up from the earth. Natural radiation rises up through the earth but if it meets electromagnetic fields from a fault line, subterranean running water, underground cavities and certain mineral concentrations the energy vibrations become distorted. These energies do not blend comfortably with our own vibrations and can weaken our immune systems, affect our ability to absorb nutrients, and therefore increase our chances of ill health.


Electromagnetic stress


This is man-made and is caused by electrical appliances and installations and covers a vast electro-magnetic spectrum, involving frequencies from radar, radio and microwave use, TV’s, computers, mobile phones, wi-fi etc. Again like GPS these energy vibrations do not fit comfortably with our own and can weaken our immune systems.


Geopsychic stress/ subtle energies


Sometimes the energies of a soul/spirit can remain in a property for various reasons. It is nothing to be alarmed by but it means they are “stuck” and not able to move on. If this is the case I ask for assistance from positive universal energies to free them and send them to their right place.



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