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Phytobiophysics and Flower Essences

I offer a distant dowsing service to check in depth for the most appropriate flower formulas for the indivdual along with dosage and duration. 

Cost £10

Everything is energy and for me to work remotely, I  "tune in" to that persons energy field using my dowsing skills  and intention. I often ask for a photo of the person to assist this.

The Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas and Flower essences support emotions and the physical body to help people deal with emotional energy, blocks, traumas, spiritual growth and more. When the body and emotions are out of balance there is mental and physical imbalance. Through stabilising these issues in our lives, we can recover from the physical manifestation.

The Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas are: natural safe; contain no additives; safe for babies and children; safe for the vulnerable; do not interfere with medical prescriptions; powerful emotional support for people undergoing medical procedures.

The Phytobiophysics Flower formulas have the capacity to: combine with each of the other Flower Formulas to produce a specific resonance for each patient harmonising on all levels of consciousness.

Researched through an understanding of acupuncture meridians and the flow of energy through the body enabling the Flower Formulas to encourage the body’s own innate ability to heal on a profound level thereby releasing energy blocks in the meridian system to create instant increase in energy flow thus enabling the body to respond on a deep level.

The Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas enable you to recover from serious emotional trauma alongside medical treatment and to enable the release of harmful toxic substance by releasing energy blocks and enhancing elimination process to energise the system to enable uptake of vital nutrition from food.

Each Flower Formula has been specifically created to match the resonance of a healthy cellular system in the body. The formulas act as neurotransmitters and when ingested they instantly regulate the electro- magnetic frequency of the system being targeted. This encourages the body’s own innate ability to heal on a very deep level.

Flower essences

In most cases these are in an alcohol base but only a few drops are taken at a time and can be diluted in drinks.


The word spiritual is extremely profound and encompasses the entire journey of our lives, which is infinite in both directions. The infinity of the past is the energy from the genetic coding of our ancestors and the infinite information of our inheritance. The infinity of the future is the consequence of all our actions and relationships and our children’s inheritance from us. The spiritual journey is the entire journey of our lives, it has no beginning and it has no end. It is everything that we are and everything that we do in our lives.   The spiritual journey is the most profound journey of all. It is a time of remembering who we really are and learning (remembering) we can go beyond our thoughts which are not us and access the love, peace and happiness that is always with us and always has been.

The mental journey is the intellectual journey, the journey of this life starting from the date of conception. The mental journey is linked very closely with the way we have been taught, the way we have been brought up, languages we speak, the relationships that our parents have.  If we are treated with love and respect as little children, we will grow up to love and respect and value humanity.  If we are treated with betrayal and trauma and sadness we grow up as victims, lose our confidence and feel sad. We lose our self worth. When hurt on the mental journey, the journey of this life, we frequently manifest these traumas as structural disorders in the skeleton and in the way we breathe. The mental journey has a direct relationship with oxygen and our body’s use of oxygen.   

The emotional journey is the journey of our senses and the journey that gives our lives purpose. This is the journey of loving, giving, creation and maturity, the journey of loving relationships that are of paramount importance in our lives. When we are hurt on the emotional journey this will manifest as functional disorders.  

The physical journey is the journey of now, today and is to do with daily routine. Getting up in the morning, how we slept the night before, whether we are happy or angry, whether we hhurt right in this moment.  The physical journey is about the digestive system, assimilation and the utilisation of nutrients. The physical journey is about growth, breathing, the heart beat, digestion, elimination and living.

We travel on all the journeys at all times throughout our lives.  Every emotion and experience that we feel during our lives has a subtle yet profound reflexive action on the four valves of the heart. Relationships are of paramount importance in our lives, the way we relate to our loved ones is an exceedingly important aspect as to whether we are well. 


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