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Radiesthesia - personalised health dowsing

Using radiesthesia I have been able to offer support and recommendations to many clients over the years in order to help alleviate a multitude of differing conditions and states. More recently I have seen a rise in support for ladies requiring assistance during peri-menopause and post-menopause and have been using the same approach for my own perimenopause challenges, so I really do understand. As you will see, the other therapies I practice are all interconnected with vibration and energy and I have developed a great sensitivity to working in this field.

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Radiesthesia is a method used to perceive and diagnose the energy and frequency emitted by everything in the world, including our cells and molecules. Practitioners become sensitive to subtle energy changes, and I use a pendulum as a tool and charts for research. This approach allows for non-invasive analysis and personalised treatment approaches by assessing imbalances in tissues, organs, and energy channels. 

I use Radiesthesia to investigate the energetic make up of your life in order to discover what foods, substances, environment, emotional patterns raise your life force and what lower it. For more information on Radiesthesia please see bottom of page.

I have been working in this field for 20 years and have been involved with The British Society of Dowsers and follow their ethical code of practice. 


I offer several levels of service:

From basic food intolerance checks up to a
 "Wholeness" consultation.

What I will investigate in a "Wholeness" consultation:

Food, drink and supplements you already consume

Potential allergens, intolerances

The environment you live in, your lifestyle

The products you use on and around your body

Stress levels and emotional patterns

Body systems and organ function vitality

Further areas necessitating research as a result of our one to one consultation.

We exist within a multitude of energy frequency, everything has a vibration. Our being is always adapting to the change of vibration within and around us and through this investigation it is possible to identify some areas of life which you have the power to change in order to enable healthier vibrations.

I will aim to identify: 

What may be good to remove or lessen

What is already beneficial for you 

What else you can include which may be more suitable for you 

Suggestions for healing/supporting modalities to any emotional issues that would benefit from being addressed. (Emotional stress creates a lot of contraction in the body and can reduce the ability of the body to perform its natural functions)

I will provide you with written report on all of the above.

What is Radiesthesia

Every cell in our body possesses bioelectrical potential and functions akin to a 40-90 millivolt battery. When this electrical potential diminishes, it lays the groundwork for various diseases. This principle extends beyond our cells; every molecule in the universe also possesses energy with a specific frequency that it emits. Radiesthesia is a method used to perceive and diagnose this energy and frequency. It is a science rooted in the understanding that everything transmits energy (radiation) and has a distinct frequency.

When our cells experience illness or imbalance, the energy and frequency around them change. Our body has an inherent ability to sense and recognize these energy fluctuations. This insight forms the foundation of the science of Radiesthesia. 

Radiesthesia is often conducted using a pendulum, which serves as an extension of the human sensitivity to the magnetic field, making the effect clearer.

Much like an EKG machine is used to diagnose abnormalities in cardiac muscles by measuring energy exchange, EEG (Electroencephalography) is used to assess the activity of our brain cells. However, modern medicine has primarily focused on measuring energy changes and pathologies in the heart, muscles, and brain cells, leaving other cells and organs overlooked. Fortunately, the growing interest in "holistic-integrative medicine" has led to a greater open mindedness to other methosa. 

Performing Radiesthesia requires the practitioner to become more sensitive to perceiving these subtle energy changes and movements. Our body and nervous system have an innate understanding of the biophysical and bioelectrical effects of energy. Achieving mental and physical balance enables us to correctly interpret this energy and its fluctuations in our surroundings.

The reason I practice Radiesthesia is because, like in many countries such as Russia and Germany, it serves as a non-invasive analysis system. Modern devices that diagnose energy and frequency imbalances are rooted in the principles of Radiesthesia. However, these devices may vary in their reference frequencies and clinical experiences, resulting in limitations in their personalized treatment approaches.

By employing Radiesthesia, I can enhance the effectiveness and longevity of treatments through an integrative approach that takes into account your energy frequency, and the relationships between the different aspects of your whole being and environment. I also consider the role of psychological and emotional "interference fields" as well as environmental factors. 





What ones are right for you....there are so many to choose from


Vitamins and minerals?

What is good for one person isn't necessarily the best for another


Emotional patterns !!

Self help or outside support ?

What is best for you?


This service is completely tailored to your own energetic make up. I will use numerous lists and charts to determine out of hundreds of options what may be more suitable for you.

Basic food intolerance investigation starts at £35 up to £90 depending on number of items to be checked. 

"Wholeness" Consultation 

This includes:

 A one to one online or in person consultation (1 hour) 

My additional time doing the research work and producing a report (approx 2-3 hours) 



Follow up "Wholeness"consultations £60

(recommended at 6-8 weeks)


This type of work addresses what is happening NOW. So over time your needs may change.




Disclaimer : 

The use of this website and the services offered implies your acceptance of this disclaimer:

Emma Hall is providing the website and its contents on an “as is” basis and makes no representation or warranties of any kind with respect to this website or its content. Emma Hall disclaims all such representations and warranties, including but not limited to warranties of healthcare for a particular purpose. Emma Hall assumes no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any other inconsistencies herein.

The information provided on the website and its content is intended as information only. Neither Emma Hall nor the Radiesthesia service presented are in any form or by any means intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any condition or disease. 

Using the technique of Radiesthesia is not in any way a medical diagnosis. It is purely an identification of possible causative factors behind imbalances in the body that lead to ill-health and disease. Therapies and remedies identified are for information purposes only and it is through your own free will and personal responsibility should you choose to use any remedies suggested. You should consult with your medical practitioner regarding any health issues.

Information provided is never offered as a substitute for any procedure, treatment or prescription provided by a professional health care practitioner. The content presented is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any disease or illness.

Emma Hall does not take responsibility for the possible consequences from any therapy. If you choose to undertake a therapy you do so at your own risk and assume full responsibility for your own physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

The testing and dowsing procedures as such are not subject of scientific research and therefore not ‘yet’ recognized by conventional medicine. We have no medical training, and the service and procedure is not medically validated or approved.

The results provided are not designed to diagnose or forecast reactions, nor will they indicate that the individual will or may suffer any adverse or negative reaction to indicated foods or substances.

Emma Hall is not a licensed doctor, nurse, nutritional consultant, or healthcare professional but instead a complementary therapist.  As a qualified therapist in Spiritual Response therapy I use the techniques and training from that practice. Health dowsing is a specific area within SRT and I use charts from that practice as well as additional charts listing foods, supplements, substances, emotional patterns. As such you acknowledge that it is your right and responsibility, at any time throughout your therapies with Emma Hall, to seek medical counsel and diagnosis from a medical doctor, for any present and/or future condition(s). You also reserve the right to terminate the therapies at any time if so inclined. You acknowledge that the state of your health is your own responsibility and that you are exercising your right to choose an alternative method of treatment that addresses your health in its entirety. 

Any complementary treatment is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. It is recommended that you see such a practitioner for any physical or psychological problem you have now or in the future.


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