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Other Art from my collection

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Here is a selection of some paintings I have created as commissions for people's homes and workspaces and others that I just felt the urge to create. 

Some originals are for sale and others are available as prints

Please enquire if you are interested  07817117660



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This Chakra line up is available as a print with a mount.

Dimensions 60cm x 15.5cm including mount £75

Individual chakra colour prints are also available.

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I have a deep personal desire to know and experience my true nature and I study and meditate within areas such as Advaita Vedanta, A Course in Miracles and non-dulaity teachings.

I question my beliefs and values and feel that "truth" is only really known in direct experience.


Last summer this poem seemed to spring from me. It brings up the potential....if we are to look, of what a relationships can show us. It is about the longing for that Love which we all yearn for. If we look beneath our longings in relationships of any kind we will see that what we long for is unconditional love and a sense of safety. That is the Love that we truly are. It is not found in another person or object but is in fact the nature of ourselves. Ancient Scriptures, Mystics, The Bible and more all direct us to this place. I wish to thank all the beautiful souls who have been part of my life and have in turn inspired this poem. 


Longing, stark and bright or hiding quietly with a pattering of it's fragrance.
Oh, how we long.
Sitting with it's bittersweet essence as it swirls in my heart and throat,
Twinges and little stabbings

I think of my Love who in their presence the longing dissolves, 
I am at home.
No need to speak,
No need to do,
Just be.

But where resides that longing and home?
Within within within
They lie together
It is only in I
The Love is I just reminding me I am already home but had forgotten

Thank you my Love for showing me
A thought of you, a sit with you,
A total embrace with you
Is all in me and all in you.

The longing twinges disintegrate
All is peace
Behind the veil of longing is always home
Rest there my Love

Tears may roll down my cheeks as the longing swirls and lingers
But a shimmer of light is always there quietly in peace beneath

You are like a gentle breeze that blows the last autumn leaves off the branches,
The shadows of my thoughts and musings,
The dandelion head off it's stalk,
And then I remember home, a stillness, a peace, an is.

I sit longing, it in me....oh the rawness of it, 
But to actually visit, welcome and love it with tenderness feels so perfect,
It is ok
Permeating it all is Home, 
I just forgot
And you helped me to remember

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