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Sound healing experience

I offer one to one or small group sound experiences.

Using crystal singing bowls, gong and other sounds I immerse you in a world of healing frequency to leave you relaxed and centred.

One to one session - £65

Group session - please enquire

A restorative sound healing session is an hour where the stimulating world of work and pressures all fade into the background. I use predominantly crystal singing bowls, occasionally intermixed with some other sounds such as a wind gong, tuning forks and koshi chimes. The session is a revelation of being at home in ourselves, in which we seek nothing but that which appears from moment to moment. The processing part of the mind is at rest, and experience is just happening by itself, entirely unique to our own requirements.

Thoughts may rise but just pass by. The experience of a restorative sound session is that of no-mind, the freeing of the mind from identification with thoughts. 

People sometimes ask how the crystal bowls, tuning forks and sounds work. I could answer with long theories but in my experience it seems that the vibrations undo knots, release blockages and loosen tension. I don’t think anyone truly knows the exact how and I enjoy the not knowing and the freedom that brings. What I do know is that people are always surprised by the experience they had and how they didn’t want it to end and ask when they can do it again. People report sleeping better for days, their anxieties are reduced and they can sense an inner calm.

I play the sounds intuitively, which I can only assume is based on what the participants need that day.

So, if this has peeked your interest, follow your inner nudge and come and try it. The whole of you will be grateful for it.



Not suitable for Pregnant woman or people with pacemakers. or sound sensitive conditions/ seizures ( check with doctor) Please contact me if you are having cancer treatment or seriously unwell to discuss. Its fine for anyone in remission.


You will be lying on a floor so please bring padding, blankets, mats to lie on and keep warm plus pillows for head and under knees.

Contact me to book your place


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