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Spiritual Response therapy 

Healing the body is great! ... Healing the mind is greater still!

But healing the soul is the greatest healing of all!


Spiritual Response Therapy is a powerful spiritual healing technique that clears negative energies that block you from living your life to its full potential. It enables us to research the subconscious mind and soul records to discover and release your hidden blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth.


Areas that SRT has helped people with:


Physical health challenges, allergies and recurring physical difficulties

Emotional and mental issues

Unhealthy/disruptive behaviour patterns

Personal relationships

Connection to inner guidance and spiritual support


Addiction / addictive behaviours

Removing blocks to positive self-expression, including love, success and abundance

Improving self -esteem and sense of purpose

Letting go of the past


We can all carry negative energies generated from life’s experiences and these can impact on our present lives. When we go through a traumatic or painful event at any time in our existence it can cause negative energies to be lodged in our subconscious and energy fields. We may repeat negative behaviour patterns but just can’t break them, have phobias and physical and emotional problems and even if we do we know why they exist may struggle to clear them.


I research to find the client’s blocks concerning their particular issue using a pendulum and charts in communication with my own and my client’s Higher Self ( Super Subconscious). The work can be carried out on a one-to-one basis, or remotely which means that anyone anywhere can have a “clearing”. It is as effective if you are the other side of the world or if you are sitting next to the practitioner. It can take me around 2 - 3 hours for one session depending upon the issue. While some clients may find one session is sufficient to help them others may require several sessions to fully address their issues.


After a clearing I offer advice on how to do your best to keep yourself from creating new negative energy blocks. After the initial issues are resolved some clients choose to come back on a regular six months basis for follow up sessions, or sometimes when they encounter a challenge or a new lesson in their life which they feel they need further assistance with or information on. 

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'Thanks so much for helping me recently with my positive energies! I have been putting into practice the techniques
you showed me and I am seeing a significant lift in both my waking energy and throughout the day.The positiveness in mylife is now a very conscious presence and greatly increased and I have noticed also that I am better able to spot when apositive decision needs to be made....and then MAKE IT! Its about being back in the driving seat and not just being sweptalong by chance...'' Mrs C, East Northants


"I hadn't heard of Spiritual Response Therapy until recently but intuitively felt that it was the right therapy for me. After the session Emma gave me a report that astounded me with the accuracy of 'old wounds' and relationship problems that she had unearthed and cleared, most I had carried around with me for a long time - many lives in some cases! I immediately felt a difference after the clearing of these negative 'programmes' - I felt lighter, more aligned, and after following her after-care instructions diligently for a couple of weeks the positive change in my well being has been life changing and dramatic." Ms H, Oundle.



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£85 per session

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