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Biomat better than FIR Sauna

I had a cloth Fir Bio zip-up sauna box that was a fiddle to use, time consuming and uncomfortable.  The Biomat is a much easier solution. One thing that did surprise me wasmy ability to sleep soundly on the Mini - mat.  Laying on hard crystals is not my idea of comfort but, as my body warmed up the discomfort dissolved and I was gone quite quickly.   I just love the heat at this time of year.

The Mat has definitely had a positive effect on my circulation and flexibility.  My morning asanas are much stretchier after a session. It has sorted out the pain in my hip.  For that I am truly grateful. I cannot fault the service and support that I received whilst purchasing my Mat and during the follow-up too.  Emma has been extremely helpful.


Leslie Fenton   Shropshire



My biomat makes my life possible - or at least it feels like that. 

Before the biomat my joint pain was so bad, especially in the winter, that I wasn't out of bed before midday. Now I wake up happy rather than achey, and I'm out of bed early and bright. I sleep, work, practice yoga, and meditate on my biomat. 

Emma's customer service was fantastic, I felt taken care of and knew I was in safe hands from the beginning. Thank you Emma for this wonderful experience.  xxxxgrace_press_page_1.jpg
 Grace Quantock  Wales  

Really helped bad back

 I have recently started to use the biomat and I find the heat really penetrates through to my bones which feels nice, also I have had back ache and find it works a treat on that . Also my husband used it for his bad back and found it helped.

I would recommend to people to use a biomat and I found your help with the purchase of the mat very good also I know you are there should I need to ask you any questions. I also look forward to reading you ebook. Take care  Best wishes 




Pain relief

I purchased one because I suffer from aches and pains in various joints presume arthritis at early stage. Tried it out at Emma's. It made sense to me that the claims made by the company might actually work! Also I tried it at your house and my back ache eased. Plus the experience of lying on a warm bed very pleasant. So felt very positive about buying one whether it helped me or not I would enjoy laying on it! 

I lay on it for at least 30 mins whenever I can usually 4 or 5 times a week.  Touch wood so far my back spasms haven't occurred since having it. If I feel an ache in my knees or do long day shopping I use the bed to prevent aches occurring! I have a lovely routine of bathing then taking a book and reading on my mat varying the temperature to suit my mood. Really enjoy it. I obviously would recommend it to others I believe the mat has helped me but I do try and eat well and exercise as we'll.  

Sue   Northamptonshire

Reduced stress and great sleep

I bought the biomat to help with stress and I felt quite positive about the mat after reading up on it. I am pleased with the results I've experienced after using the mat and it's definitely helped in reducing my stress levels and I felt calmer.

An extra boost for me was it helped my sleep levels and I felt my mood was elevated as well an having better energy levels.

I would definitely recommend the mat to others.

The customer service and support were excellent.  The uk plug came before the mat arrived and your operating instructions were clear and helpful.

I use my mat every day (when I can) before going to sleep.  I bought the mini mat due to the cost of the full size mat.  I'm not very tall so it's okay for me.  But I would probably recommend the full size mat.

Alison Beveridge, Essex


Met all expectations

Myself and my partner love the biomat at and use it regularly. We both find it very relaxing, particularly when combined with relaxing Cd’s. It probably is a bit costly but I feel the totally chilled out feeling you get makes it worth it. It also helps a lot if you have aching muscles or feel under the weather. I think it speeds up recovery time. The biomat at has met all expectations. I bought it for self-use to combine with my reiki and the two are a great combination.
I would love to receive a copy of your e book.
KInd regards,
Debbie  Lancashaire  (Reiki Practitioner)

Thank you very much for ordering our Biomat for us. We are enjoying have used it for an hour each every day. Even our cat enjoys curling up on it when it is switched on. My body feels great after the treatment, kind of aerated and warm and relaxed. :)
Anna, Berkshire


Relief at last

"I found that just two or three sessions on the Biomat really accelerated healing of not just physical pain but also released emotional turbulence and anxieties, adding clarity to my thinking and instantly giving me more energy. My back pain of twenty years reduced by about 30% with every session, something no other practice or therapy has achieved."


 Ms Hart, Ely  (Healing facilitator)

Allergy rash

" I had an allergy rash on my neck throughout the summer and after 3 session on the BioMat it had almost gone and after several more it had cleared up completely" E James  age 42   St Albans

"My first experience on the BioMat was very calming and very relaxing. I felt chilled out after, slept extremely well and woke up feeling refreshed' Ms Farren, Kettering ( Body Confidence Coach)

"I have had back ache for many years but love to tend my allotment and garden. Now that I have a mini mat I get home in pain but after half an hour on the mat on my sofa the pain is relieved and I forget about it. I wish I had a mat years ago." Mrs Collis  Hitchin 

Cancer Surgery

I bought a biomat after surgery for stomach cancer and had most of my stomach removed and lots of lymph nodes. I truly believe that the biomat has helped me in my recovery as I am very active now, walk faster than I ever did and am living a very full life! When I went to my gastro support group people couldn’t believe how well I was doing compared to others who had the same treatment. I am careful with my diet too but the mat keeps me calm and pain free and also I don’t need my fire on in the evenings as I sit on my mat – saves the heating bills.

Joan Curshaw, Knottingley

"After only three sessions on the Biomat in conjunction with reflexology; the lower back pain I had suffered from for nearly twenty years was almost gone."

Ms H, Oundle


"Shortly after the clearing it seemed like a burden had lifted"

More recently I experienced sudden onset of a very bad back, the only one way I found relief was to lie flat. As the condition got progressively worse, my confidence in a hope of recovery started disappearing rapidly. With a deep dark fear of surgery I absolutely had to find another way towards recovery. This time the session focused on finding a root cause of my back problem & cleared it, with a few positive affirmations as 'homework' my back pain vanished!" N. Stobbe. Raunds


"I want to say a Big Thank You for the therapy I received from you. The most positive healing to have come out of the therapy is that I now feel worthy to receive love which is massive for me after feeling unworthy for so many years. Also a big thank you on behalf of Daisy, she doesn't tremble any more and has been out in the garden a few times she is a much more relaxed little cat. Many thanks Emma" Mrs P Norfolk

I was really impressed with my first
treatment, Emma was very
approachable and I very relaxed
throughout.Immediately after the
session I felt my energy levels had
raised and I felt very calm and in
control. I would definitely ecommend
Emma to friends and family.'
Ms F, Kettering

"After visiting my GP on several occasions for a recurrent infection, I was put on a course of treatment which I had to take every week for 6 months.  There was still no sign of improvement after 4 1/2 months despite the medication being very strong and I felt as though it would never clear up and very despondent.  

Fortunately, Emma came to my rescue and after careful analysis through health dowsing she found the root cause of my issues and suggested I try a healthy, natural route which she carefully charted out for me. Within two weeks of following Emma's suggestions I felt a totally different person.  I now have so much more energy and my symptoms seem to have been completely eradicated.  I cannot recommend Emma highly enough, by getting to the root cause of my symptoms, she was able to change some of my habits which had contributed to the cause of my infection and the natural remedies she recommended also helped in clearing it all up.  GP's will often prescribe medication to clear up  symptoms which will only come back again. "

Mrs M, Haslemere

"Thank you so much for your help. After my surgery for cancer it was a challenge to get going again but with your advice and healing therapies I am back on track, feeling good and doing far better than expected at this stage."

Mrs C. Hertfordshire