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Healing your Body, Mind and Emotions



My name is Emma and I have been working in the natural healing therapy field for over 19 years and my aim is to help people experience deep relaxation, heal and to know their true nature.

You may not have heard of some of the therapies I offer but I specialise in treatments that work as efficiently and effectively as possible and am confident I can offer a service that will help you.  Biofield Tuning is becoming my most popular offering.

I offer the following services and therapies:

Biofield tuning and sound healing 

Biomat sales and sessions


Causative and solution dowsing

Spiritual Response Therapy 

Sound Healing Experience


For at least 10 years I have worked remotely and it is now my predominant way of working, generally via zoom for one to one sessions and group sessions. It works just as well remotely as in person. I have clients from all over the world including Norway, Denmark, Bali, Saudi Arabia, UK, United States and Australia. I have trained directly with Eileen McCusick in Biofield Tuning and hold qualifications in Reflexology, Spiritual Response Therapy, NAET and Biofield Tuning.

Before working in the therapy field I worked overseas in the tourism industry, have been a countryside ranger and worked with deprived communities to develop and grow therapy and community gardens. The natural environment and gardening have always been passions of mine. 

” I have a down to earth, grounded and compassionate approach when working with clients and always do my best to make them feel welcome and supported.”

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